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Blossom into spring with these 5 sensational hair colours for African hair.

Blossom into spring with these 5 sensational hair colours for African hair.

Spring: A reminder of how beautiful change can really be.

Spring is often associated with new beginnings, like a new hair colour. For some it could mean changing jobs, switching up your mindset or even trying a new hair colour. It’s the perfect season to break out of a hair rut, especially after a winter of protective styles and beanies.

So if you’re looking for ways to breeze into spring hair colour, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to shine honey, and with each Inecto Unlimited shade infused with Jojoba oil, your hair colour will do just that. From Plumberry hues to subtle tones of black, these hair dye colours come in five sensational shades.

Not too blue. Not too black.

Two is better than one. And even a hint of this colour looks AH-MA-ZING. This shade has become a huge trend recently and, with the way darker skin tones enhance waves of rich blue colour, we understand why. Add Inecto Deep Ocean Blue to the roots of your hair and leave the tips black to create a sophisticated ombre effect. It’s subtle yet striking, adding intense dimension without any obvious contrast.

Spring hair colour: This deep ocean blue is subtle yet striking.

Spring is in blue
Image source: darkgirlhair.blogspot.com

Flourish with plumberry hues

These curls come together seamlessly with Inecto Plumberry. We can’t help but think of soft lilac petals when we see this style. Plumberry is funky, yet flattering enough to pull off a romantic feel. This eye-catching shade is the perfect way to liven up your tresses, especially at this time of year.

Style Tip:

Make sure your Plumberry colour has a long-lasting glow with the shine serum which comes in every Inecto Unlimited box.

This eye-catching shade is the perfect way to liven up your tresses this time of year.

Plum hair paired with a plum shadow. We’re in plumberry heaven.
Image Source: blackhairinformation.com

The berry best

What’s ultra-flattering and berry all over? Inecto Raspberry of course. This is a cooler version of auburn that tends to flourish a little more when it’s sunny and bright. Complemented by a short finger wave ‘do,  and you’ve got yourself a refreshingly playful style. The end result looks like the perfect drink with just the right amount of berry.

Spring hair colour: flattering raspberry is a cooler version of auburn

A fruity hue to quench your hair colour thirst.
Image Source: therighthairstyle.com

Back to black.

Save the drama. With black, it’s just proof that hair dye colours don’t have to be on the bright side to leave a lasting impression. The result of a black leather hue? A style that’s fresh, modern and yet still professional enough to rock at work. Complete your look with the right make-up and you’re sure to give your natural features a boost. It’s the perfect example of a subtle colour making a bold statement.

Spring hair colour: Beautiful black

A hair colour that goes hand in hand with a plum lip and a dark eyeliner.
Image Source: hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.tumblr.com

Burgundy blends

Red hair may be bold, but have you met Burgundy Blush, red’s head-turning cousin? She’s coming in hot with hues of deep browns and reds. Matched with your relaxed hair, you’ve got unlimited ways to boldly style your look.

Style Tip :

Keep your natural colour around the scalp, then intensify the burgundy warmth toward the ends. This allows your colour to grow out seamlessly over time.

Spring hair colour: Burgundy blush will give your relaxed hair a sleek and bold look.

Well-blended pops of warmth and depth.
Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

Feeling confident enough for a change yet?

Whether you’re going for subtle (but oh so chic) black leather or a fruity Raspberry or Plumberry, we’re here for it. In fact, we’re right behind you. Share your unlimited style with us on Facebook and be sure to give us a follow and double tap on our Instagram page.

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