7 Winter Shades Of Burgundy To Try

7 Winter Shades Of Burgundy To Try

“Burgundy, a colour that gives energy in a thoughtful way and encourages warm and comforting feelings. “ – Author Unknown

Seasons roll over. Leaves change. Styles evolve.

So why should your hair colour stay the same? There’s a huge range of Inecto shades to add colour to your life with ease. If you’re having difficulty choosing, it might help to know that  Health.com has named these as the top seven hair colour trends:

  • Ashy Silver,
  • Strawberry honey,
  • Rich copper,
  • Mushroom brown
  • Jet Black
  • Blended roots.

If these aren’t for you, and you’re looking for a range of subtle red shades to try this season, consider Inecto’s burgundy hair colours. We’ve put together a guide to slaying your hair this winter Here are winter hairstyles to pair with your fave burgundy shade.

1. Curls on burgundy

In the words of Coco Chanel, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”. This couldn’t be truer. Cutting your hair gives you the freedom to try hairdos that you wouldn’t dream of attempting on the prized afro that you’ve been growing for years. You can choose a mohawk,  fade or buzzcut, or you can keep it simple with the trusty TWA.

If you’re keeping it safe with a TWA, don’t shy away from making it pop with Inecto’s sophisticated shades of burgundy. Take your pick from:

  • Burgundy Bliss,
  • Burgundy Blush
  • Red Wine
  • Raspberry

Once you’ve chosen your colour, take this low maintenance winter hairstyle to the next level, by defining those curls. Use a good curl custard and a sponge or a do a twist out. Make sure those edges are snatched.

Make sure your curls shine with an oil sheen spray.

Beautiful curly hair in a bright burgundy shade oozes confidence.

Image Source: bedroomfurniture.club

2. Burgundy ombre

Do something special with your long 100% black lace wig with a touch of Inecto’s Burgundy Bliss. In each box, you get a beautiful shade, an Aloe and Protein conditioner, plus an After-colour treatment enriched with Linseed extract. Ask a professional stylist to blend the colour in an ombre method. To keep the shade poppin’ for longer by washing the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Weave in that shade.

This long burgundy ombre will you you an elegant look.

Image Source: AliExpress

3. Burgundy Razor cut

If you’re ready to take the plunge and try a new haircut, then give it a full-bodied shade like Inecto’s Red Wine. It blends exceptionally well with dark hair and suits any skin colour and undertone. Ensure that you wait two weeks after you’ve relaxed your hair before you add colour. Also, use a heat protection spray when you curl your hair. If you don’t want to wait, then colour and relax your hair on the same day with Inecto Unlimited Burgundy Blaze.

Work those waves, honey.

This short hairstyle with red wine colour is perfect for winter.

Image Source: recemcasados.com

4. Two-toned twist out

Bantu knots and flat twists are fantastic for maintaining length and protecting your hair. Make sure your twist out looks bomb with a dash of Inecto Unlimited’s Raspberry. Keep your roots dark and your ends bold.

The Twist Out is the queen of bold winter hairstyles.

Make sure your twist outs look fantastic with a dash of Inecto unlimited raspberry.

Image Source: Inspirations Coiffures

5. Burgundy Bobs

If you’re not ready to commit to a shade over a long period, then say hello to Inecto’s Unlimited Raspberry. This semi-permanent hair colour gives you the freedom to try a new shade on Friday and revert to your own after a few washes. Plus it gives you the convenience to relax and colour your hair, on the same day. Now you can look your best with minimal effort.

Level up that bob with raspberry.

Look your absolute best with this vibrant raspberry hair colour.

Image Source: instagram.com

6. Bump up the curls

Doll up your curly 100% human hair wig with the Inecto’s Super Auburn. It’s the perfect shade of red, that will stylishly upgrade your winter wig collection.

Are you ready for red?

Doll up your curly hair wig with Inecto super auburn.

Image Source: Alibaba.com

7. Burgundy fro

Add some drama to that afro, with a touch of purple happiness, with Inecto’s Burgundy Bliss. This is the ideal ‘wash and go’ hairstyle. You just need a good conditioner, an afro comb and you’re good to go.

A short side parting adds personality to your bold fro.

Add some drama to your afro by using a Burgundy hair colour.

Image Source: 4C Hair Chick

A deep red shade is a winner for winter. Once you’ve chosen your colour, pair it with your winter wardrobe and look on fleek all day, every day. Which Burgundy shade is the colour of the season in your opinion? Let us know on our Facebook page:



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