8 Fabulous African Hair Trends for Winter 2016

8 Fabulous African Hair Trends for Winter 2016

Seasonal African hair trends are constantly evolving both locally and globally and there are various wonderful and innovative ways in which to style your tresses every season.

Women often take self-image very seriously and can – very rightly so – be divas when it comes to their hair. Here at Inecto, we’re no exception to this.

Delving into the deep psychology behind hair, we found some incredible African hair trends to help you choose your style this winter. After all, life is too short to have boring hair…

Seasonal trends to add flair to your hair:

1. The Sleek, Classy Ponytail
African hair trends: The sleek classic ponytail

The ponytail is always classically on-trend. It’s an ideal elegant do for the stylish African woman on the go. Whether you’re late to work and don’t have time to style your hair, or you’re getting ready to paint the town red, it works well because of its versatility and functionality. Another plus factor is that a ponytail works no matter what the shape of your face.

2. Bring on the Box Braids
Box braids are one of the most popular styles, as they are flexible and chic.
Box braids are one of the most popular styles, as they offer flexibility while remaining chic. It’s as simple as choosing the perfect extension length for you and styling them as you please. Be brave, add colour to your 100% human hair braids with our Inecto Colours range. Choose one of 11 colours, which include Ruby Red, Passion Plum, Hot Chocolate and Caramel Blonde.

3. Turn Heads With Luscious Locks
You can’t go wrong with curly hair, no matter what the length or type of curls.
You can’t go wrong with curly hair, no matter what the length or type of curls… A weave of long, dark loose waves, naturally short and sassy locks, or medium length vintage curls. A pop of colour – such as our INECTO Plus Cranberry Cocktail – will keep you looking and feeling warm this winter and winter.

4. Blend in With A Bob
The bob is an elegant style that will remain an all-season do for years to come.
The bob is an elegant style that will most likely remain an all-season do for years to come. With so many variations, from classic to blunt bobs for every face shape, from heart-shaped to oval, there are endless ways in which to dress up (or down) this ever-evolving look.

5. Playful with a Pixie Cut
African ladies can look playful and cute with a pixie cut that is easy to maintain.
Pixie cuts are the epitome of style. At the same time, they can be very easily maintained and capture cuteness all-round. Celebrities from Halle Berry and Rihanna to Kgomotso Christopher, prove that anyone can rock this versatile look. For some dramatic flair, add soft waves of colour in trendy winter shades such as Just Copper from our Inecto Plus range.

6. The Perfect Length with a Seasonal Lob
The elegant lob is the perfect balance between long and short hair.
If you want this season’s must-have hairstyle without compromising too much on length, why not opt for an elegant lob (shoulder-length bob). It’s a near-perfect balance between long and short hair. To add texture to your lob, heat-style it into trendy beach waves.

7. The Afro is always In-Season
African hair trends: the iconic afro
An iconic afro is the way to go if you want a naturally inspired look or if you have a punchy personality to pull off this funky do. Why not enhance your afro and accentuate your skin tone with delicious chocolate undertones this winter. Try Hazelnut Brown from our Inecto Plus range of colours.

8. Rock Those Dreads This Winter
Stand out from the crowd with these African hair trends
Stand out from the crowd this season with sophisticated dreadlocks. Although this modern style may take some time to create, it requires minimal maintenance and can be styled up into a polished bun. For a more relaxed look, style it down with or without great hair accessories, such as headscarves and the like.

If your hair change is seasonal and you’re seeking a new look, why not try one of these gorgeous African hair trends this winter and add a splash of colour from our Inecto range. Just remember that Inecto colours can only be used on 100% human braids and don’t work on synthetic hair.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco Chanel

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