9 Natural hair queens that we love.

9 Natural hair queens that we love.

Say hello to the natural hair queens. These celebrities have been true to their natural hair, way before it was cool. Find out what their best-kept hair secrets are.

Lauryn Hill

Lauren HIll twists and finger coils

Lauryn Hill looks amazing with twists and finger coils.

Let’s start this list with a legend. The lady is still touring her first solo album, almost 20 years later. That’s what we call a long-lasting impression. This sun-kissed beauty has been blessing us with her stunning voice and creating music we still sing along to. She has always stood out from the rest and her hair follows suit.

The First Lady of the Fugees gives us hair goals to die for with her well-kept locks, fros and twists.

Lauren HIll locs

We love her statement locs.

Janelle Monae Hair Secrets

‘When I’m on tour I tend to be more careful with it. I don’t blow dry or use heat. I also love to use protective hairstyles and lots of hats.’ – Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

Janelle. The definition of glamorous natural hair. Every little girl wants to look like her when they grow up. She’s an outspoken activist of ‘Black Lives Matter’ proving that she has no problem with standing up and being heard. Performing since the tender age of 6, it’s obvious that she was born to shine in more ways than one.

Now you know one of the secrets to her envy-worthy hair.

Janelle Monae Inecto Ultra Gloss

Get glossy black hair with Black Berries from the Inecto Ultra Gloss range.

Mmabatho Montsho naturally beautiful

Naturally gorgeous with a touch of red.

Mmabatho Montsho

Gorgeously natural is how we’ll describe this filmmaker/actress. Whether she goes super short or sports a massive fro, her natural hair choices are always Instagram-worthy.

Mmabatho Montsho Cute and Natural

Cute and natural.

Indie Arie natural braids

Natural braids and puffs are a win in any book.

India Arie

Indie Arie has always been synonymous with all things natural. She wrote a song telling us that she’s not just her hair, which is true because she’s so much more than that. From fros to puffs, she keeps it real as the years roll by.

Indie Arie Natural

She keeps it real.

Jill Scott Gold Accessories

TWA. Gold accessories. Perfect.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott is the queen of big hair, but it never gets in the way of that gorgeous smile. This icon of our time has a powerful voice to match her gorgeous coils. Back in the early 2000s, she appeared in music videos with her textured fro which we can’t get enough of. She looks good in her fro, but also looks amazing with a TWA. Either way, Jill Scott’s hair stays winning.

Jill Scott Afro

Afro goals for days!

Chrisette Michelle Dash of Colour

If you want to add a dash of colour to your hair give Cafe Mocha From the Inecto Ultra Gloss range a shot and channel your inner Chrisette.

Chrisette Michelle

Soulful and stunning, two ways to describe this American songstress. She inspires us to rock the TWA with pride. More recently she started growing her hair out and still looks just a gorgeous, if not more.

‘I always like to cut my ends, and I always want to feel as healthy as possible in my hair. ‘- Chrisette Michelle
So there you have it, ladies, bring on the scissors and trim those ends for stronger hair.

Chrisette Michelle Inecto Hair

Celebrate your natural coils.

Eryka Badu timeless tyle

Erykah’s style is timeless.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu. Where do we start? She’s moved through the times with unique style and larger-than-life hair. She’s given us music that we can click our fingers and stamp our feet to. Every black natural haired girl wants to be her, because of her expressive style. Oh, and did we tell you that she’s embracing her greys too? If you’re not about that life, get yourself a colour from the Inecto Ultra Gloss range. It’s got 100% grey coverage.

Eryka Badu Inecto Ultra Gloss range

Times with unique style

LupitaNyongo big buns

Big buns never go out of fashion.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is one of our favourites. She’s a movie star who’s so flexible with her natural hairstyles. While others are still dreaming up a uniquely African hairstyle, she’s already rocking it on the red carpet with pride. Her style is simple and sophisticated. Lupita, what’s your secret?

Lupita Nyongo side part

The TWA with a side part is amazing especially on her.

Phumeza Mdabe glamour hair

Phumeza’s hair is so voluminous and healthy.

Phumeza Mdabe

The stunning Phumeza always stays true to her natural hair and we can see why. There’s no way she can’t be loyal to such beautiful tresses. Her style is a head above the rest and we love it.

Phumeza Mdabe voluminous and healthy

Natural hair is glamorous.

These women are the inspiration you need for you to go natural or stay natural. Because natural hair is Instagram-ready hair. Are you on a natural hair journey? Tell us all about it, on Facebook.


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