A New Hue, A New You

A New Hue, A New You

In the mood for a change? While a full closet overhaul is every woman’s dream, it’s not the only way to get a fresh new look. For a quick, easy and affordable makeover, consider switching your hair colour. With hair colour being a predominant style marker in 2015, the simple act of colouring yours could be both transformative and trendy.

When it comes to hair colour for African women, Inecto’s wide range helps you make the most of the biggest hair trends. Whether you’re feeling crazy or conscientious, there’s bound to be a colour trend that’s just perfect for you.


From international celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and Keri Hilson, to local stars like Poppy, Boity, Nandi and Pearl Maduadi, there’s one hair colour that’s been rocking the red carpet like no other. That’s right, ladies, blonde is back! And it’s a hot trend on any complexion.

Crossing over to the blonde side can transform your look in a way that is both bold and classy.  And with Inecto’s Caramel Blonde or Sun Kissed Blonde hair colour, a number of exciting blonde styles are quite literally at your fingertips.

A full head of blonde locks is a popular style amongst black women with short natural hair while women with longer hair or extensions tend to opt for the ombre (hair fading from dark to light) or reverse-ombre looks.

If going straight from dark to blonde seems daunting, you can always ease yourself into the change by starting with a colour like Inecto Plus Just Copper.

Playful Colours

While your boss might not agree with your hair being a bright blue like Amber Rose’s or a candy-pink like Rita Ora’s, there are other fun, but appropriate, ways to play with colour. Inecto offers a number of fun and colourful shades. These include Passion Plum, Plum Crazy, Red Wine, Cherry Red, Ruby Red, Burgundy Bliss and Cranberry Cocktail. Simply pick the colour you feel best expresses your personality and you’re all set for a thrilling transformation!

Just A Bit

For just a splash of your favourite colour, you can consider colouring only the tips of your hair. This allows you to experiment with colour in a way that is more subtle, but that still makes a statement.

If an affordable and effective makeover is what you’re after then check out Inecto’s wide range of hair colour for African women. Sometimes opting for a new hue is all you need to look and feel like a fresher new you.


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