Achieving the perfect DIY Blonde

Achieving the perfect DIY Blonde

Blondes might just have more fun if Boity and Thomas Ghumede are anything to go by. They’re showing the world they really can shine – so is it time for you to join them? If you’re thinking about making the leap to Blonde, there are a couple of things for you to consider when it comes to DIY Hair Colour.

Keep the following tips in mind, and we guarantee you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous with your blonde do!

It’s important to choose the right shade of blonde. Blondes come in various shades; it’s crucial that you choose a shade that will compliment your natural beauty, and not draw away from it. Choose a shade of blonde that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. It may not be Boity Blonde you wanted, but it will be the perfect shade of blonde for you!

Colour distribution is key. Your first instinct might be to cover your entire your head – from roots to tips; resist that urge. Instead of going for a solid blonde look, consider getting highlights or streaks over your natural colour. Leaving some underlying or interspersed dark hair will enhance the DIY Hair Colour you’re trying to attain.

Go Blonde in steps. Achieving that perfect shade of blonde is going to be a process – especially if the shade you want is lighter than your natural hair colour. It’s going to require lifting your natural pigment using peroxide which will leave your hair in a vulnerable state. We recommend giving your hair a break before applying the tint of blonde that you want. This will give your hair a chance to recover and stop it from becoming brittle and dried out.

Even your hair deserves to be treated once in a while. It will have endured a lot during the whole process, and is going to require some tender love and care. Be sure to deep-condition your hair every couple of weeks after dying it to get it back to the best state possible.

So why not brighten up your look with a glamorous, golden do? Try out our Sun Kissed Blonde in our Inecto Colours Plus range or our Caramel Blonde in our Inecto Colours Range. Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page with any other questions you might have.


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