#AlwaysOnSteez with Inecto – A definition of Inecto ‘Steez’

#AlwaysOnSteez with Inecto – A definition of Inecto ‘Steez’
Colourful lives with Inecto always on steez

Colourful Lives | Inecto

At Inecto we want you to look your best, feel your best and be the best. We want you to express yourself, believe in yourself and be yourself. We want you to be confident, ambitious and passionate individuals that will uplift and inspire us all.

We want you to be #AlwaysOnSteez. When you rock any of our Inecto products you’ll immediately feel levelled up in your hair game, sense of style and self-confidence. Your style will become more distinctive, impressive and attractive to those around you. With Inecto you’ll be slaying this timeless age with effortless style and fashion. Are you ready to be #AlwaysOnSteez?

South Africa’s Number #1

Inecto Roots in Africa

Inecto’s Roots | Inecto

When they say that time flies, we say that we’re still having fun. South Africans have placed their trust in our brand for decades. We’ve been upgrading people’s style since their days and we’re still thriving. Inecto allows you to achieve that fabulous salon-quality hair from the comfort of your own home. It’s that simple.

With easy-to-follow steps and guaranteed permanent hair colour, Inecto is the perfect choice for you. As soon as your hair is enriched with the goodness of Inecto, it’ll reward you with a healthy shine and vibrant colour. You know that your hair deserves the best care, so nurture it with South Africa’s Number 1 hair colour brand: Inecto. We’re #AlwaysOnSteez.


Strong Black Afro’s With Inecto Originals

Superblack Afro Hair

Inecto SuperBlack | Inecto

In 1956 Rapid no. 1 and Crème Black were the first hair colours that were launched in our SuperBlack range for people of colour. As time went by, strong black afros became more popular than ever and, was seen as the mark of freedom fighters. Through this movement, SuperBlack gained its popularity and became South Africa’s Number 1 hair colour. We’re proud to say that it still holds that rank today.

Colourful 2000’s

It’s a New Age | Inecto It’s a New Age | Inecto

It’s a New Age | Inecto

The 21st Century brought upon new ideas, new ways of living and a variety of styles. Black South Africans became exposed to more international trends through TV and magazines. Our youth became more confident and inspired to try new looks and thus, the Inecto Colours range was created.

Inecto Colours was launched to provide consumers with a variety of hair colour shades to choose from at an affordable price. This range took the market by storm as it also included the very first ‘Ethnic Blonde’ shade. Fast forward to seven years later: Inecto Colours became our best-selling hair colour range and, it’s no surprise that ‘Ethnic Blonde’ holds the Number 1 spot for most popular shade sold.

Taking It All The Way To 2020

2020 retro hairstyles

Retro Style | Inecto

As much as we’re living in the digital age, kicking it old school has never been more on-trend. Our youth is thriving on self-expression and one of the best ways to express yourself is through a vibrant hair colour that shows off your personality. At Inecto we want you to embrace being #AlwaysOnSteez by rocking our popular Inecto Colours range. Take a look at these funky hair shades for inspiration:

Cool and Vibey

Cool and Vibey Inecto Caramel Blonde

Inecto Colours: Caramel Blonde | Inecto

Caramel Blonde, the shade that says: “let’s get the good times rolling”. This is the perfect shade choice if you’re all about making the best of every moment. Show off your liveliness and sense of adventure when you rock this colour.

Pop Of Colour

Pop of colour with Cherry Red permanent hair colour

Inecto Colours: Cherry Red | Inecto

Express your peppy side with a burst of colour when you rock this Cherry Red shade. Bring out your animated side and inspire everyone around you to seize the day with a positive mindset. When you rock this shade, you’ll definitely be seeing the brighter side of things.

The Spectrum

Hair Colour Spectrum with Inecto Permanent African Hair colour

Inecto Colours: Ruby Red, Caramel Blonde and Blue Black | Inecto

Who says that you have to stick to one colour when dying your hair? It’s time to embrace your funky side and go for a spectrum of colours. Add more flavour to your lifestyle with these vibrant shades of Caramel Blonde, Ruby Red and Blue Black from our Inecto Colours range. You’ll be sure to stand out of the crowd with your vivid expression.

Natural Black With a Twits

Natural Black and Super Auburn hair colours

Inecto Colours: Natural Black and Super Auburn | Inecto

Turn up the heat and rock a two-toned hair colour with confidence. This mix of Inecto Colours Natural Black and Super Auburn shades are fire. If you enjoy walking on the wild side of life, then this fierce hair colour combination is for you. Express your zest for life and inspire those around you to have the same spark.


At Inecto we always want you to remember that “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” – Wassily Kandinsky. So, add some colour to your lives to heighten your vibrancy and happiness. Tell us which colour you’ll be trying next from our range and how it relates to your personality. We’ll keep an eye out on our social media, so make sure you tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your #AlwaysOnSteez looks.

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