5 Black Panther inspired hairstyles you should try

5 Black Panther inspired hairstyles you should try

“I don’t think black hair has ever been seen like this in a blockbuster movie — at least not by me.” Patrice Williams, writer for Hello Giggles.

Can you hear the summer wedding bells? We can, and we’ve got your hairstyles covered. Whether you’re the bride or the guest, you’ll be proud The Black Panther fever is on. People are calling Wakanda the African version of Hogwarts. There have been memes and videos, all in celebration of culture and superheroes.

We’re in love with everything to do with the movie, especially the hair and outfits. Here are 5 hairstyles from the movie and Hollywood premiere that we think you should try.

Warning: Spoiler Alert.

Movie Highlights

1. The Wakanda Knot

The look we’d give a standing ovation to is the ‘Wakanda Knot’ hairstyle. T’Challa’s love interest Nakia, played by the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o, wore this hairstyle that can easily be achieved off-screen.

It’s an interesting take on our beloved bantu knots. The difference with the Wakanda knot is that the knots protrude less from the hair and look more like a textured afro.

Crystal Martin, writer for the New York Times describes the look as: “We’re basically starting with a flat knot. Meaning, we’re taking the hair by sections and twisting it upon itself, twisting it down to what I call a flatter, cinnamon-roll shape.”

The Wakanda Knot is an interesting take on the bantu knots, but looks more like a textured afro.

Knots in stealth mode.

Image Source: people.com

2. Half-Moon Braids

This top knot, accessorised with a single braid, is a look fit for a princess. Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, spent hours getting her hair dyed and her braids weaved in, but it was undeniably worth the wait. It’s clear that those blasters aren’t the only thing slaying.

Shuri’s tribal makeup was the perfect finishing touch to a regal beauty. This look may require some prep time, but none can argue that this half-moon braid isn’t anything short of super.

This top knot, accessorised with a single braid, is a look fit for a princess.

Battle-ready braids.

Image Source: refinery29.com

3.The Wigs

Queen Ramonda, played by the stunning Angela Bassett, is queening in white faux locks. Underneath her traditional headdress, Queen Ramonda wore a wig so intricate and perfect it took a month to make. Obviously, all good things take time. Her striking white faux locks were quite the reveal in the movie and caused a huge buzz.

This queen definitely knows how to rule with style.

These striking faux locks will make you feel like a queen.

Crowned in white.

Image Source: popsugar.com.au

4. Natural Blowout

What we love about the Wakandan women is how they stayed stylish even off-screen. The hairstyles and ensembles worn by the cast during the movie’s premiere were just as beautiful as their looks in the movie.

Angela Bassett wore this majestic outfit to the Hollywood premiere of the movie. She glows like the African sun in her radiant evening gown and for one night only she set her coils free.

Hairstyles: Set your coils free and look like a movie star.

Radiating beauty

Image Source: glamour.com

5. Curly pixie cut

Another look we can’t get enough of at the premieres belongs to Letitia Wright. She was breath-taking in a black and champagne dress.

Letitia’s hair had curls in all the right places and they finished off her elegant look perfectly.

Wakanda hairstyles: Look elegant and sophisticated with this curly pixie cut.

Take my breath away

Image Source: glamour.com
If you haven’t already seen the movie, we bet you want to see it now. Which of the five hairstyles will you be queening in? Let us know on our Facebook page: Facebook

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