The most flattering blonde hair colours for every skin tone

The most flattering blonde hair colours for every skin tone

Blonde your life up with the most flattering colours for every skin tone

Beautiful blonde hair for darker skin


Blonde hair dye is bold, fearless and fun, in the words of Rob Stewart, ‘Blondes Have More Fun’. Blonde hair colour amongst black women has always represented a big and colourful personality. Not every black woman can pull it off. Instead, they stay in their brown or black hair dye lane.

What seems to be the common thread among black women who opt for this colour is power and fame. When the likes of Mary J Blige and Lil Kim went blonde they were on top of their game! Queen B’s of their craft, independent and smart! They are also seen as rebels and leaders and this hair colour is like a stamp of approval. They had ‘arrived’!

It’s important to note that there are black people out there who are naturally blonde and boy are they beautiful! These are the natives of the Solomon Islands in north-east Australia, the blonde Melanesians. It’s believed that this group of people have this colour because of their diet high in fish. As well as their historical relations with people of European descent. They have a unique gene that has allowed their skin and hair to adapt to Australia’s harsh sun. As a result, they have silky dark skin and gorgeous blonde afros. Whatever it may be that caused them to be blondes, we can’t deny it! There’s just a certain charm about a dark chocolate skin against a glowing head of hair.

The contrast between this girl’s skin and hair makes her stand out from the crowd.

Why do black women dye their hair blonde? We have gathered some answers:

  • An opportunity to experiment with colour on weaves (Provided it’s 100% human hair)
  • A way to spice up an existing look
  • A conscious choice to be blonde, because it doesn’t occur naturally in the person’s gene pool

Eve and Lil Kim owned it in the 90s and now Nicki Minaj is bringing back the look. Whether you have short hair or long hair, it’s definitely a memorable look. Some will play it safe with blonde highlights and others take the plunge and jump right into the colour.

We refuse to dictate which blonde hair dye is suitable for you. Choosing the right colour means understanding your skin tone and realising what the change may do to your current look. Will the blonde hair make your brown eyes shine? Will it bounce off your bronze sun-kissed skin?

There is no harm in getting some ideas from celebrities who have done it already! These seem to be the more popular blonde colour choices:

Blonde hair dye for ombre look

Wearing ombre hair adds an interesting dimension to any hairstyle, as simple as it may be.

Honey blonde

This colour is warm and shiny and looks best when dark roots are left intact and highlights are done. Wear it best with ombre!

Wearing ombre hair adds an interesting dimension to any hairstyle, as simple as it may be.

Caramel blonde

This colour forms part of the dark blonde family. It is warm and golden and is known to give a natural glow, regardless of your skin tone.

Platinum blonde

Nelisiwe in platinum blonde

Nelisiwe took a risk and pulled off a platinum blonde colour, with a bright purple lip

This is the lightest of all blondes and goes exceptionally well with brown eyes. It’s the most flattering of all blondes as well; you can’t go wrong with it.

DJ Zinhle more recently, surprised us with her blonde hair cut, she looks amazing!

So now you know which blondes are more popular!

We have seen many blondes come and go, but these ladies have certainly made us consider being a blonde.


Here’s our pick of blonde hair crushes:

First one, Nicki Minaj. Her hard-hitting lyrics and creative videos aren’t the only things about her that make us go gaga! We are also obsessed with her platinum blond wigs! The Barbie of the music industry looks super cute, whether she goes for wavy, straight or curly.

Closer to home, DJ Zinhle more recently surprised us with her blonde haircut. She looks amazing! Proving that blonde looks just as chic on a short crop hairstyle. We are so inspired…

Keri Hilson brought on the ‘Pretty girl rock’ with her blonde bob! The light blonde compliments her skin and outlines her pretty face. She has a thing for layers and bangs and so do we!

No list is complete without the mention of RIRI! She is always ahead of the crowd with her hair and fashion. Her version of blonde is fun and quirky. Whether she is sporting a mow hawk or bob version or her wavy locks, we love her in blonde!

Beautiful blonde hair dye colours

This look has been popular from the early 2000s to now

We will always remember EVE’s sexy blonde hair on her natural hair or weave. She was known for her blonde hair, brown skin and sexy outfits. As the first lady of Ruff Ryders, her look was fierce yet feminine. All at the same time! Which 2000’s teenager didn’t want to be her?

Nene Leakes has had more than her fair share of blondes. She has experimented with platinum and honey blonde which worked beautifully against her golden skin. Her choice of hairstyles has ranged from pixie cuts to asymmetric bobs. Then more recently long golden locks.

These ladies are our point of reference in all things blonde. Are you ready to start your blonde journey? Let’s get you started with Inecto Caramel Blonde. Buy Inecto Caramel Blonde and Sunkissed Blonde by Inecto Plus and try it out. Afterwards, upload a picture of yourself with your new look on our Facebook page:

Please note Inecto may not stock all of the colours mentioned in this article.



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