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Add a breath of fresh air to your whole look with these brown hair colours.

Add a breath of fresh air to your whole look with these brown hair colours.

Cool tones are out and warmer shades are in. So let go of the bright pastels and embrace the subtle highlights and more natural-looking hues. With Inecto’s brown hair colours, in a variety of vibrant shades, you’ll have everything you need to BRING IT in autumn. From Rich Copper to Hot Chocolate hues, we’ve got the browns that will flawlessly add dimension to your hairstyle. So, how do you get ahead in spicing up your hair game?
Keep reading, we’ve got four brown hair colours that add a spice that’s just right for your style this season.

Golden Goddess

If you’re thinking of warming up your look this autumn, you’re in the right place. There’s just something so uniquely chic about a Rich Copper TWA. This colour and style combine to brighten up your face by enhancing your cheekbones. Packed with just the right amount of bold, it works wonders on complementing darker-skinned queens, #MelaninMagic. Give your TWA that added edge by shaving the sides for double tap-worthy style. For cues on how to make your colour pop even more, pair it with a sleek brow and silver shades to protect you from those autumn rays.

Brown hair colour: Warm up this autumn with this unique rich copper hairstyle.

A fiery traffic-stopping shine.
Image source: http://www.lovethishair.co/50-short-haircuts-for-black-women-2019/

Crowned in Sweet ‘Fro Glory

Rich, vibrant and just the right amount of sass. It doesn’t get any sweeter than these hot chocolate curls. Make your afro a fashion statement with Inecto’s Hot Chocolate colour. This steamy hue is the best way to make your curls appear full and voluminous. The chocolate brown hair colour will leave them melting when paired with statement patterned earrings and a pop of pink on your lips. Each of our Inecto Colours is packed with added Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner so that you can style without limits. What will you do with your freedom to style?

Make your Afro a fashion statement with Inecto's hot chocolate colour.

Flaunt your chocolate brown hair.
Image Source: http://naturalgyrls.tumblr.com/post/66789348359/love-this-color

Au so Natural

Gabrielle Union is absolutely slaying in this brown hair colour. It makes her look like she was born with it. She is always serving us Hollywood glam in such a natural and effortless way. Pair your light brown hair with a nude lip and a bold eye colour and you’re set for autumn.
We also can’t help but crush on how she’s elegantly styled her do. Beachy waves with a middle part? Yes please and thank you! Why not add natural-looking dimension to your relaxed hairdo by dying your strands away from the root? It’s the best way to accentuate your natural colouring.

Beautiful brown hair colour with Inecto

Achieve a similar look with Inecto Super Brown
Image Source: https://hubpages.com/style/Hair-Colors-for-Brown-Skin

Brown hair colour goals SERVED

With our after-colour treatment and improved non-drip formula, Inecto’s Brazen Brown hue will leave your spirals IN CONTROL. It takes time to get a style that looks this good, and it sure looks effortless. If you’ve been planning a massive hair change, with a haircut included, this is the style that does it all. Bright tight coils of brazen give an autumn colour that is rich and full of character. These shaved sides are also giving this look that extra sauce that has us feeling some type of way. Not to mention, this colour looks exceptionally beautiful on women with warmer skin tones.

Inecto Bronze brown hair colour

Who says brown hair can’t be dynamic AF?
Image source: https://stayglam.com/beauty/50-short-hairstyles-for-black-women/

There you have it. Four unique hues of brown that leave you spoilt for choice. We’d love to see how you style your Inecto brown hair colours. Share your pictures, tips and hairstyle tricks with us.

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Don’t forget that you can still enter our #InectoColourGirl competition. Why not indulge in one of our brown shades? Send through your photos and show us your bold, playful and confident side. We know you’ve got what it takes! Find out more info and enter here: https://www.inecto.co.za/inecto-colour-girl/

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