Colourful hair: The good, the bold and the vibrant.

Colourful hair: The good, the bold and the vibrant.

“A woman is like the colour of the rainbow, very colourful and so beautiful.” ― Gift Gugu Mona

Hair trends in 2022 are anything but traditional, dull or boring. In fact, recent years have shown bold, bright and colourful hair to be more in mainstream fashion than ever! While unconventional colours like purple, pink, blue and green have been around for decades, it’s only in the past few years that these bold shades have really reached global popularity. And with good reason…


Freckled ethnic woman with pastel pink hair in twin buns.


While we love a classic shade like blonde, brunette or black, there’s something fun about trying out a completely unexpected colour every once in a while. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider taking the plunge:

1. Colourful hair is bang on trend

Every fashionista will know that having bold and vibrant hair is the first place to make a style statement. The good news is that colourful hair is anything but a passing trend and is forecast to stay in style for seasons to come. The latest trending colours include hot pinks, mint greens, deep blues, purple-plums and dark, cranberry reds.

Don’t believe us? Just take a scroll through the Instagram account of your favourite celebs or influencers and we bet you’ll find plenty of selfies showing off their colourful locks!

Red hair colour for black woman walking with a coat and purse


2. It’s easy to get the look safely at home

There’s no need to spend hours (and a small fortune) at the salon to get your dream hair colour! We’ve made it super easy to get bold, vibrant hair at home, without compromising on your hair’s health.

Now you can #GetColourful with Inecto’s 2-in-1 Conditioning Hair Colour range. With five vibrant shades to choose from, this unique formulation has a refreshing, fruity scent and is enriched with Jojoba Oil to nourish your hair while you colour. That’s some hard-working colour!

Here’s how to get the best results safely:

  • Always do a preliminary skin sensitivity test before use. We suggest using your wrist as a tester.
  • For best results on shades like Carnation Candy, Mint Mojito and Indigo Infusion, use on natural, pre-lightened or bleached hair.
  • Always use gloves during application
  • Apply evenly to clean, dry hair from root to tip
  • Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water
  • Only use on your hair and don’t try to colour beards or brows.

Don’t forget that we’ve got plenty of inspirational and helpful tutorials over on our Youtube channel. Check out how Colour Your Hair Indigo Infusion Safely At Home with Inecto Hair Dye:

How to colour your hair with Inecto hair dye

And if you can’t find your ideal shade from this range, no need to worry! We’ve got loads of other bold colours to choose from in our INECTO Colours and INECTO Plus collections.

3. You don’t need to choose just one colour

It’s time to think outside the box. Instead of going for root-to-tip colour in a single shade, why not switch things up? You can achieve a gradient ombre look or full-on unicorn hair by adding in streaks of contrasting colours. If you don’t want to bleach or lighten your whole head of hair, you can also add a subtle pop of colour by only dyeing your roots or tips.

Black woman with beautiful rainbow coloured curly hair


4. You’re going to be the main character in every scenario

Having a bright hair colour is the best way to reinvent yourself. For our shy boys and gals, colourful hair can really help you come out of your shell while our extroverted besties will enjoy being the star of the show. A surprising shade like pink, blue, red or green really make for great conversation-starters and will ensure you stand out in every situation. Get ready to be unforgettable!

Black woman with upstyle green dreadlocks


5. You’re going to get addicted to colour

Once you’ve experienced the fun and radiance of colourful hair, you’ll never look back! As a matter of fact, you’ll probably find yourself daydreaming about the next crazy style or shade you want to try. Why not start a Pinterest board for your colourful hair obsession and stay on top of the latest looks and ideas?

Inecto 2in1 conditioning hair colour range

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What colour are you trying first? Shop the hottest shades from INECTO’s 2-in-1 Conditioning Hair Colour collection, in-store and online at The Diva Shop.


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