Dry Perm – The go-to Hairstyle Throughout the Decades

Dry Perm – The go-to Hairstyle Throughout the Decades

Dry Perm – The Go-To Hairstyle Throughout The Decades

Dry perm natural trend setter

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“Natural hair is an exquisite crown. A head full of unique, healthy beauty. Natural Beauty.” – Stephanie Lehart

It’s 2020 and the natural hair movement is still changing the game. One way to celebrate your kinky coils is with an inspiring dry perm hairstyle.

At Inecto we’re going to help you freshen up your natural look with the stunning shades from our Unlimited range.

We’ve got the 4-1-1 on how you can achieve the perfect dry perm, and the perfect hair colour to match your personality in this new decade. So, get ready to be inspired to switch up your style whilst embracing a more natural look.

Why Inecto Unlimited?

Inecto unlimited range hair colour

Inecto Unlimited Range | Instagram

Dry perms have been the go-to hairstyle since the ’70s. It’s become a staple look for natural hair and we’re inspired to celebrate this timeless hair trend into the new decade.

To take your dry perm to the next level, try out Inecto’s Unlimited range of hair products. Who says that you have to wait for two weeks to colour relaxed hair?

With Inecto’s Unlimited range you have the freedom to colour your relaxed hair whenever your heart desires. That’s right; this new and exciting product from Inecto gives you the ability to colour and relax your hair on the same day.

Isn’t that the best news you’ve ever heard? We’ve got a range of five stunning shades to choose from. From our classic Leather Black to a seductive Burgundy Blush, your hair colour choices are endless.

So, it’s time to take a closer look at your colour options. We believe that whichever colour you choose will be the perfect fit for your personality and dry perm hairstyle.


Your Gide To The Perfect Hair Colour Choice:

Black Leather:

Black elegance kinky coils

Black Elegance | Love Hairstyles

There’s no other colour that stands out like a striking black. Show off your daring side by rocking Inecto’s Unlimited hair colour in the stunning ‘Black Leather’ shade.

Let your dry perm make a statement with its bold and fierce look. We also love how black hair adds a sense of mystery, yet fearlessness to your character.

If you’re looking to add a sense of wonder to your life, then ‘Black Leather’ is the perfect shade for you.


Deep Ocean Blue:

Deep ocean blue tones of elegance

Deep Blue Tones | Instagram

Elegance, class and charm is everything that comes with rocking a deep blue hair colour. Watch your textured coils come to life when you try out this electric ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ shade from Inecto’s Unlimited range.

This stunning hair colour would be perfect for the ‘girl next door’ who wants to switch up her hair game. This deep shade will be sure to add character to your sweetheart persona and charm the crowd.

It’s time to bring out the real you and show off your Deep Ocean Blue perm.



Blumberry hair colour

Add some Warmth | Instagram

It’s time to warm up your hair colour with a gorgeous mix of purple and red hues. That’s right, we’re talking about Inecto’s Unlimited hair colour in the rich ‘Plumberry’ shade.

This beautiful hair colour will be sure to brighten up your dry perm and accentuate your curls. Allow this hair colour to define and refine your free-spirited personality while giving you a charismatic charm.


Burgundy Blush:

Burgundy blush flames for days

Flames for Days | New Natural Hairstyles

Keep your hair as bright as your personality with Inecto’s ‘Burgundy Blush’ hair colour from the Unlimited range. It’s perfectly inspired to fit your fierce and daring personality.

Become a redhead while turning heads with your bombshell dry perm hairstyle. This Burgundy Blush hair colour will bring your hair to life and ignite your personality.

Make sparks fly when you step outside with your fiery coils.

Steps To Maintain Your Dry Perm:

Maintain your dry perm

Protect Your Hair | Instagram

Now that you’ve been inspired on which hair colour to pick for your dry perm – it’s time to find out how you can maintain your hair and keep your kinky coils on lock. Here are four easy ways in which you can protect and maintain your dry perm coils:

  1. Be sure to use a silk bonnet or scarf before you go to sleep. This will help keep your curls fresh and intact so that you can be ready for the next day.
  2. Make sure to water your roots when you wake up. Spritz your hair with some water so that your roots will be damp and moisturized for the next step.
  3. Then add a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair. Begin to scrunch up your curls until you’re satisfied with your curl definition.
  4. Finally, take your pick comb and begin to pick out your curls. Fluff it out to add volume and watch your dry perm come back to life.


Well, there you have it – your complete guide to the perfect perm for you. Let us know which hair colour you’re choosing to rock your dry perm – and how that colour suits your personality.

We’d also love to see your fly dry perms, so don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see you slay your kinky coils.


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