Find the right hair colour and outfits for your skin tone

Find the right hair colour and outfits for your skin tone

“I am dripping melanin with honey, I am black without apology”– Upile

Black women are beautiful and their skin glistens in the sun and comes in a variety of different shades. Let’s see how we can highlight these unique skin tones with the right hair colour.

You can wear any colour, but the right shade makes a difference between blending in and standing out. Certain colours accentuate your natural skin tone better than others. Do you know which colours are made just for you?

If you don’t, then don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide of hair colours that are best suited to your skin tone, together with a cute outfit. Now you’ll get a full picture of how you’ll look from top to toe. Take on this winter with confidence with help from us.


Black and beautiful

It’s no surprise that black made it to the top of our list. With its velvety shine, it never goes out of fashion. It also looks amazing with any skin tone. Make it stand out even more by pairing this stunning colour with a white jersey. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour though, by rocking a pair of burgundy jeans and brown boots . Give this firm favourite a shot with Inecto Black Leather and look forward to hair that glistens.

Black and Beautiful NEW


Sparkle with a touch of plum

If you want to step out a bit more, purple needs to be your first stop. This colour is amazing against darker skin tones. Inecto Plumberry is the shade to try, if you want to achieve this regal finish. You know how they say the darker the fruit, the sweeter it is? Well, it couldn’t be more true when it comes to this hair colour. Let it take centre stage with a dark outfit. Then bring it all together with an olive coat.

Touch of Plum NEW


Let everyone crush on your blue

A woman’s heart is as deep as the ocean. Why shouldn’t your hair be the same? Inecto’s Deep Ocean Blue provides a gorgeous highlighting effect. This midnight blue will let your inner mermaid shine, while still being sophisticated. Give this funky colour a chance to shine by pairing it with pastel coloured clothes.

Crush on your Blue NEW


Own that burgundy

This colour works best on medium and darker skin tones because it’s understated. Get Inecto’s Burgundy Blush if you’re looking to ease your way into red. By the way, brown and burgundy are a match made in heaven. Why don’t you match your hair to your shoes for a look that’ll have everyone staring?

Own tha burgundy NEW


Be berry beautiful

If you really want to go to town in the red department, then Inecto Raspberry should be at the top of your list. This deep, rich colour is perfect for girls with lighter skin. Rock your dazzling colour with denim, white and black. Then go out there and paint the town red!

hair colour Inecto Berry beautiful with matching outfit

There you have it. Perfect hair colours for every skin tone as well as the with the perfect outfits to match. Now it’s your turn to give them a try. With six shades in our Inecto Unlimited range, plus an infusion of jojoba oil, you can colour and relax on the same day. Choose the shade that’s perfect for you. Facebook. Instagram.


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