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What does your hair colour say about you? That you’re young and trendy? Crazy and adventurous? Stylish and sophisticated?

With a range of Inecto Colours’ 14 bold shades, your hair colour can say whatever you want it to! Express yourself and let your natural beauty shine through with shades like Ruby Red, Ultra Violet, Brazen Brown, and Beach Blonde. Pick a signature colour or experiment with them all!

Inecto Colours gives you the power to change the colour of your hair as often as your heart desires. Or at least, as often as your mind changes! And with its added Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner, After Colour treatment and Improved Non-Drip formula you can style with no limits. This affordably priced premium product is the all-in-one hair care solution your hair has been waiting for.
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limited edition colors 1

limited edition colors

Limited edition colours with Inecto Colours’ deliciously sweet Passion Plum shade is the perfect choice for a vibrant and youthful look.  

vibrant red hair colour on natural African hair

7 Winter Shades Of Burgundy To Try

Stay on trend this winter with Inecto’s range of 7 burgundy shades.

INECTO product banner of passion plum and ultra violet hair colour

Passion Plum

INECTO Colours’ deliciously sweet Passion Plum shade is the perfect choice for a vibrant and youthful look.

INECTO product banner of Brazen brown, Hot chocolate, rich copper and super brown hair colour


Turn up the heat with Inecto Colours’ delicious range of brown shades. The Hot Chocolate, Super Brown and Rich Copper shades effortlessly give your hair a polished look that enhances your natural beauty like no other.

INECTO product banner of Caramel blonde and Beach blonde

Caramel Blonde

INECTO Colours’ Caramel Blonde shade best compliments a look that is bold, classy, and full of charm. Look amazing in SA’s No. 1 Ethnic Blonde Hair Colour.

INECTO product banner of natural black, perfect black and blue black hair colour


With Inecto Colours’ range of black shades, you can enjoy a rich Blue Black colour for a look that’s out of the ordinary, or a Natural Black or Perfect Black shade for a look that is mature and classic.

INECTO products image of cherry red, ruby red and super auburn


Paint the town red with Inecto Colours’ range of velvety red shades. Our shades of Cherry Red, Super Auburn and Ruby Red are just the right balance of bold, bright and deliciously sexy.

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