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Hair Dye Colours To Live Your Life Colourfully!

Dare to stand out this festive with Inecto hair dye colours. Then enter our #InectoColourGirl competition and you could find yourself winning a photo shoot in breathtaking Dubai. Yes, Dubai!

The journey to becoming the #InectoColourGirl requires you to be bold, to express yourself and always be up for trying something new and exciting. So, who is the Inecto colour girl?

The #InectoColourGirl is always at 100%.

She is 25% BOLD

She is 25% VIBRANT

She is 25% FIERCE

She is 25% CREATIVE

She is always living her best life and she’s doing it in vivid colour!

Read on to find out which colour girl personality you are. You could be one or all three. Either way, there’s a colour girl in all of us.

The BOLD colour girl

“Freedom lies in being bold” – Robert Frost

Would you dare to go Inecto Beach Blonde? It’s an all-in-one permanent hair dye that gives you the freedom to boldly shine through your hair colour.

What does this hair colour say about you?

It’s more than just a statement, it’s an attitude. It speaks confidence. The bold colour girl lives for spontaneity and being in the moment. She has a to-do list that’s miles long, ambitious goals and is always up for that weekend Shiza’nyma with her girls. When life gets busy, she always stays on top of her game. She walks with confidence and an energy that turns heads. She practices being fully authentic and embraces her whole self. Flaws and all! Her confidence doesn’t see her seeking to conform to others’ standards. She is her own trend. She stands strong in who she is and has a “take it or leave it” kind of attitude.

The bold colour is more than just a statement, it's an attitude and it speaks of confidence.

If it’s bright you want, this TWA is the only accessory you need.
Image Source: blacknatural.tumblr.com

The ORIGINAL colour girl

“Be fearlessly authentic” – Unknown

Inecto’s Super Auburn hair dye shade is a creative opportunity that lets you express your personality in style. And, with its added Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner, you can express that style without limits.

What does this hair colour say about you? 

The original colour girl has a plan of action and is always on the go. She thrives on working hard and has the drive to lead a successful life. This colour girl will pave her own way to become an empowered woman. She will always speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She is educated about the world around her, is fiercely independent, can go anywhere and do anything on her own. She does, however, know the importance of teamwork. Being empowered does not make her arrogant. She is kind-hearted, down to earth and will go above and beyond for her family and friends.  She is an original beauty that embraces everything life has to offer.

This super auburn hairstyle says that your'e a beauty and embraces life.

A permanent hair dye that lets your original beauty shine through.
Image Source: gonaturalspain.tumblr.com

The VIBRANT colour girl

“Be lively, vibrant and beautiful both in your dress code and in your actions.” – Thomas S. Monson

Give yourself a flawless radiance with Inecto’s UltraViolet, now with a new and improved non-drip formula.

What does this hair colour say about you?

This colour girl knows that her value is not defined by other people, but rather by who she is. She is a constant beam of joy and vibrancy. People are always excited to see her coming and sad to watch her go. She’s the life of the party. She works diligently in everything she puts her mind to and does so with a cheerful heart. She takes pride in helping others and never turns a blind eye on those who need her. This colour girl holds herself to a high standard and takes pride in the way she dresses and behaves. She welcomes the uncertainty of her future and allows her goals to be bigger than her fears.

Give yourself a flawless radiance with Inecto’s UltraViolet.

Are you ready to stand out with the radiance of Inecto Ultra Violet?
image Source: forum.blackhairmedia.com

Do any of these colour girl personalities speak to you? Whether it’s one or all three, we know for sure that there’s a colour girl in all of us and she’s dying to come out. Now’s your chance! Colour up and enter our competition. You’ve got the whole world to gain as the #InectoColourGirl. It’s just a matter of how badly you want it.

So, live your life in bold colour. Who knows, you could find yourself experiencing the wonders of Dubai as the #InectoColourGirl. Simply follow these steps to enter:

  1. Upload via https://www.inecto.co.za/inecto-colour-girl/or WhatsApp your photo to 0609955423
  2. Keep your till slip as proof of purchase of your Inecto product. Remember, purchase must be within the competition period (after 19th November 2018)
  3. Have fun and colour confidently.

What are you waiting for?

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