Purple hair dye: the queen of shades.

Purple hair dye: the queen of shades.
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Feel like embracing your summer with a splash of purple hair dye? We’d die for a fresh pair of hater blockers for those sunny days, but we also know that nothing is better than investing in a colourful accessory you’ll wear at all times; your hair. From cranberry cocktail to plumberry hues, we’ve got 4 refreshing purple hair dyes for you to choose from.
Here’s your guide to all things purple hair. Side note: you may want to screenshot this for later.

Colour up to turn up with Plum Crazy

A plum crazy filled afro is ultimate #goals and, with the Inecto Plus easy-to-use applicator, it’s the ultimate way to conveniently style your crown. One thing we know for sure is that there is no lack of love for the Inecto Plus range. Our shades of radiant plum come with an Aloe and Protein Conditioner as well as an After-colour Treatment enriched with Linseed extract. Your complete hair care solution in one box. So you can slay your purple hair game, hassle-free.

lady with beautiful purple hair

Get that A+ look with Inecto purple hair colour.
Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/

The fruity kinda shade

You can never have enough plum. You can also never get enough of the kind of plum hues that allow you to colour and relax on the same day. Yes gurl, the same day! With Inecto Unlimited the wait to slay is over. Inecto Plumberry adds colour and depth to these seamless curls. They’re the kinda curls that are too smooth to stay home. Infused with jojoba oils and an added shine serum, your style and colour are taken to unlimited heights.

Lady with beautiful purple hair with Inecto

Purple hair dyes that are double-tap worthy.
Image Source: https://beautyreflectionsblog.com

The purple colour fit for a vibrant #InectoColourGirl

In 2018 Ultra Violet was Pantone’s colour of the year. This gave this vivacious hue its seal of approval. Inecto Ultra Violet hair dye is a playful hue. It gets even flirtier when paired with a chic African print shirt. Mamma Africa vibes, we see you. Keep your roots a natural colour and simply let your hairstyle grow out. Over time, this will leave you with a natural looking Ombre Hairstyle. WIN! Want your colour to stay #FreshAF? Inecto Colour has got you covered with the goodness of added Aloe and Milk Protein Conditioner, so you can slay without limits. We think it’s about time you step out of your comfort zone and play with colour.

lady with purple colour girl realness

Serving us some purple colour girl realness.
Image source: http://itsafricaninspired.tumblr.com

On our radar: bold, bright and delicious

Embrace the summer sun with Inecto Cranberry Cocktail. Much like the drink, this colour serves a punch. The sauce of this look is taken to the next level courtesy of a bold lip and dramatic eyelashes. It also pairs well with warmer skin tones, giving you a radiant summer glow up.

black lady with cranberry purple hair

Cranberry cocktail hair colour +short do = confident combo.
Image Source: https://unsplash.com


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