Purple hair, the funkiest colour to own every moment

Purple hair, the funkiest colour to own every moment

Purple hair has entered the group chat and there’s no sign that it’s going anywhere soon. Quite frankly, we don’t mind. A new season gives us that inspo to make bold changes and with summer around the corner, purple hair will most definitely have you slaying in the spotlight.

From Justine Skye to Lupita Nyongo, these celebs have boldly taken the purple colour plunge and left us shook with their effortless style. Now it’s your turn.

We’ve put together 4 vibrant hues from Inecto’s range of signature colour. Keep scrolling to see all the ways you can play with Inecto’s funky hair colours.

We’re crazy about this plum afro

We’re crazy about this plum afro that will get you a lot of compliments.

Purple hair colour paired with a voluminous afro is what summer hair dreams are made of.

Sometimes the best hair colour to go for is a balanced one. Not too light. Not too dark.

And with Inecto Plum Crazy, you’ll be serving that balanced glow every second of the day.

Whether it’s turn up time or downtime, you can count on this purple hair colour to get you tons of compliments.

Plum Crazy pops even more on darker skin tones, the perfect combo to give you that radiant summer glow-up.

Have we mentioned how dreamy this hue looks in the natural summer light?

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The purple hair unicorn

The purple hair ponytail is simple, yet fun.

Get the funkiest hair colour inspo from the queen of purple.

Also known as Justine Skye. The singer is known for rocking the funkiest purple hair colours in the edgiest and most versatile ways.

And this look is no different. This high ponytail is a simple yet fun look to pull off. It’s the perfect hairstyle to show off more of your facial features and let your natural beauty shine through.

Achieve a similar look with the fruity Inecto Unlimited Plumberry. The unlimited range gives you the freedom to relax and colour your hair on the same day, so you can pull off Justine’s high ponytail with ease.

Its added shine serum will also give you long-lasting shine to complete your look. Are you ready to embrace the purple unicorn?

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The OG of bold hair colour moves

Make a bold statement in a subtle way with these hair colour moves.

Achieve a similar look with Inecto Cranberry Cocktail

We’re throwing it all the way back to this 2014 look from the legend herself, Lupita Nyongo.

She turned heads with her purple hair that was beautifully complemented by her skin tone. This looks makes a bold statement in a very subtle way.

The contrast between her green headband and purple hair show us how being daring with bold colour can get you that money shot.

Get your shot and stay camera-ready with Inecto Cranberry Cocktail. It’s infused with jojoba oils to help you effortlessly and confidently colour your crown.

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Bring out your charm with purple hair hues

Bring out your charm with purple hair hues.

Level up your dreadlock game with fresh colour from Inecto

Make every day exciting when you colour your dreads with Inecto Ultra-Violet.

This stand out hue brings charm, personality and is undoubtedly one of the funkiest hair colours for summer 2019.

Having a few quick hairstyles up your sleeve is a must if you’re wanting to spice up your overall look.

From a high bun to a side-swept ponytail, you can play off the beauty of your face.

Style tip: Leave your roots their natural colour so that over time, when your dreads grow out, you get a natural ombre’ effect.

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Whether it’s plumberry, ultra-violet or cranberry, purple hair colours are here to stay. So get with the trend and take the colour plunge with Inecto. Share your transformations with us on Facebook and stay up to date with all things colour on our Instagram.

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