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Push your hair colour limits and bring out your inner #InectoColourgirl

Push your hair colour limits and bring out your inner #InectoColourgirl

Hair colour should give you tresses that make you feel authentic, bold and expressive. At Inecto, we want you to be seen, appreciated and valued for who YOU are.

Embracing colour that’s full of life can bring about new opportunities that influence you to tackle your dreams, unapologetically.

That’s exactly what our top 5 #InectoColourgirls are all about. From Inecto Caramel Blonde to fiery UltraViolet, our colour girls are:

  1. Bold
  2. Vibrant and
  3. Fierce

Read on for hair colour ideas that let you embrace your inner #InectoColourgirl.

The BOLD Inecto woman

Colour up with confidence when you try Inecto Caramel Blonde.  Stand strong in who you are and boldly move towards your goals. The bold Inecto woman is committed to ticking all the self-care boxes.

Style? Check. A positive attitude? Check. Bold hair? Double-check with Inecto Caramel Blonde. Pair your hairstyle with eye-catching lip colour and a WHOLE lot of ambition. Would you dare to try it?

Colour up with confidence when you try Inecto Caramel Blonde.

Caramel Blonde is more than just a statement, it speaks confidence Image Source:

If you’re looking for a  blonde hair colour idea that’s bright, then Inecto Sunkissed Blonde is for you. This Sunkissed afro is the only accessory you need as you fearlessly embrace new challenges and take charge.

Bold hair choices are beautiful, but not everyone has what it takes to rock them. So always remember, confidence is key.

Wear the bold Inecto sunkissed blond with confidence.

A hair colour idea that lets you stand out and get ahead.

 The VIBRANT Inecto woman

You attract what you are and the same goes for your hair. The vibrant Inecto woman is fearless of change and welcomes it with a go-getter attitude. If this is you, let Inecto Cherry Red amplify your creative expression.

Express yourself and be confident. Rock vibrant coloured hair and you’ll do just that. What is the most vibrant hair colour you’ve tried?

Express yourself and be radiant with Inecto Cherry Red.

A hair colour idea to inspire you to live a more vibrant life. Image Source:

Inecto Brazen Brown lets you express your personality in style. When you feel good about your curly crown, you glow from the inside out. Although this hue is not as bright, it still fills the room and speaks volumes.

This vibrant Inecto woman will embrace everything life has to offer. She paves her own way and thrives on hard work. A constant beam of joy! She is also the life of the party and knows that her value is not defined by others.

Inecto Brazen Brown is not bright but but will make you feel good about your curly crown.

Vibrant beauty that shines through.
Image Source:

The FIERCE Inecto woman

Your journey to embracing all parts of you requires you to be fierce. With Inecto UltraViolet, you give yourself an added edge with the power of colour. The fierce Inecto woman is unstoppable, thinks outside the box and uses her creative expression to open doors.

Give yourself an added edge with Inecto Ultra Violet.

Strut your hair colour fearlessly.
Image source:

Be uniquely you and stand out. Try getting creative and using Inecto UltraViolet on the top parts of your hair and leaving the rest of your hair its natural colour. This will create depth and dimension that lets you shine. Remember to always be daring enough to try something new.

Be creative and use Inecto Ultra Violet on the top part of your hair and shine.

Be fearless enough to stand out. Start with Inecto UltraViolet.
Image Source:

The way your hair appears on the outside can have a powerful impact on how you feel on the inside. Inecto women, who colour fearlessly, open up a world of transformation and self-expression.

They know that a simple hair colour change can ultimately change the way they feel about themselves. It gives her the confidence to take on anything and inspire those around her.

Have these hair colour ideas inspired  YOU to explore the different versions of yourself? We’d love to see your transformations.

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