Stay true to your roots with these natural hair colours

Stay true to your roots with these natural hair colours

Stay true to your roots with these natural hair colours

Your hair-itage can be seen as the essence of your identity. So why not stay true to that by refreshing your natural hair colour with some of Inecto’s more traditional hues.

When you choose to colour and style your hair, it can speak volumes to how empowered you can make yourself feel this heritage month.

A few ways to pursue natural beauty are by embracing your natural hair, being authentic in your cultural identity and refreshing the beauty of your roots with Inecto’s natural hair colours.

Our shades of natural colour will have you feeling:

  1. Unapologetic,
  2. Confident,
  3. Authentic,
  4. Empowered and
  5. Rooted.

Read on for the Inecto colour guide for naturals who want to freshen up their roots with traditional, natural hair colours. 

Unapologetically natural

The afro has always been an integral part of African beauty. It’s bold, free and unapologetic. Just the right combo to have you fearlessly rooted in your style this heritage month.

If you have naturally dark hair, Inecto’s Natural Black hair colour will help refresh and renew your roots.

Get Unapologetically natural hair with Inecto.

Unapologetically natural with Inecto.
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You can be sure your afro is nourished and protected with Inecto’s added aloe and milk protein conditioner.

How will you style your ‘fro for heritage day? Share your looks with us on our Facebook page.

Effortless confidence

Looking to switch to a more staple natural hair colour? Look no further than Inecto Brazen Brown. This naturally dark hair colour gives the perfect look for all occasions, especially for heritage month.

Effortless confidence with Inecto

Redefine your roots with this naturally dark hair colour.
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Its earthy tones add softness and volume to your natural hair. Not to mention, it looks incredible on dark skin tones. Pair your hairstyle with a neutral make-up look and defined eyebrows to have your brazen brown crown pop.

Style tip: Headwrap colours like reds, oranges and blues will have your brown coloured roots blossoming with effortless confidence.

Be true to your authentic style

There’s nothing more authentic than a beautiful head of natural locs. This heritage month, revive your style with the simple yet elegant Perfect Black hair colour from the Inecto Colours range.

Be true to your authentic style with Inecto.

Express yourself with Inecto’s natural hair colours.
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It will help you keep your naturally dark hair colour the same, but with an added shine and vibrancy. Inecto’s added after-colour treatment gives you the power to style without limits and let your natural beauty shine through.

Style tip: Express your cultural authenticity with a beautifully printed head wrap.

Feel empowered when you switch up your naturally dark hair

Inecto Plus Just Copper is the perfect hue if you’re looking to go bold, without swaying too far from traditional natural hair colours.  It adds just the right amount of warmth to your roots with its rich tones that packs a sassy punch.

Switch up your naturally dark hair with Inecto copper.

Add some warmth to your roots.
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There’s just something so empowering about natural hair paired with copper. It’s a hue that’s vibrant, it stands outs and it’s not afraid to command attention.

Pair your look with intricate jewellery such as these earrings. They’re the perfect accessory to enhance your roots and stay true to the theme of heritage month.

Could this be your next go-to hair colour?

Freely rooted 

This doesn’t ring any more true for South African singer and natural hair icon, Lira. She is known for her signature TWA that is always so classically coloured and styled. If you have a short TWA and are looking to revive your roots just in time for heritage month, try Inecto Plus Black Velvet.

Express your natural beauty but still stay freely rooted with Inecto.

Achieve a similar look with Inecto Black Velvet.
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It’s elegant and timeless, a classic for a reason. We love Lira’s modern take on cultural attire. It’s the perfect outfit inspo to have you feeling freely rooted in your culture.

Are you feeling motivated to freshen things up with Inecto?

This month, you can freely express your natural beauty but still stay grounded in your roots. Inecto’s natural hair colours let you enhance your colour with its traditional and classic staple shades.

We’d love to see how you refresh and revive your natural hair crowns. Show us how you stay true to your roots by sharing your pictures with us on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page to stay up to date with all things colour.

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