Superblack in its element

Superblack in its element

SuperBlack In Its Element

African Queen with Superblack hair by Inecto

African Queen | A-listers Vogue

“A black woman without her kinks is like a leopard without its spots” – Island Naturals

We’re kicking off the roaring twenties with a fierce woman who isn’t afraid to be herself. Proudly South African and shining as Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi shows the world how to love and embrace natural black hair.

She shows us how to be bold in a world that boxes women in and she does so effortlessly. Zozibini leads women to believe in themselves and to be the best versions of themselves – and in 2020, that’s exactly what we are living for!

It’s time to slay the new decade with timeless natural black hair. Inecto’s SuperBlack hair colour will be sure to kickstart your new beginnings the right way. We’re going to lay down the details of how you can strut your new hairdo and take your confidence to the next level, just like Zozibini does.


Inecto – SuperBlack

Black and bold superblack Inecto hair colour

Black and Bold | Twitter

We can’t get enough of this classic colour. SuperBlack is back and it’s about to take your life in a whole new direction.

Inecto’s SuperBlack gives you an everlasting elegance by restoring your hair’s natural beauty and youthful appearance. Revive your hair with this rich and luxurious colour.

Having been South Africa’s number One hair colour brand, Inecto promises quality, excellence and perfection. We just love how natural black hair makes a woman look bold and fierce, yet so simple and sophisticated.

You can definitely rely on Inecto’s SuperBlack hair colour to refresh your style and confidence.


Feel Inspired By Zozibini Classic High Loc Fade

Classic high loc fade

Pixie Does It | The South African

We’re here for the natural hair movement and so is Zozibini. She shows us all how to rock a classic ‘high fade with a touch of loc’ hairstyle. This iconic hairstyle screams adventure and fearlessness.

It’s both elegant and edgy, and, it’s the perfect fit for a woman who is ready to conquer the world. Be free and transparent in this daring hairstyle. It’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for an au naturel transformation. It’s time for you to shine.


Here’s How To Take Care Of Your SuperBlack Hair Colour: 

How to do the best head wrap

It’s a wrap | E! Online

With Inecto’s SuperBlack hair colour, we’ve got you covered. Forget about fast fading colour because, with our quality black hair dye, you’re going to get permanent results.

Inecto’s SuperBlack won’t only give you new hair colour, but it will also leave your hair feeling softer and looking healthier. We’ve gathered some tips for you to further commit to maintaining your SuperBlack hair colour, so let’s have a look at some simple things that you can do to manage your new hair dye.


Inecto’s Guide To Maintaining Your Colour-Treated Hair: 

Maintaining colour treated hair

Hey There, Hair Care | Sunday Times


1. 72 Hour Rule:

After dying your hair with Inecto’s SuperBlack hair colour, stay away from washing your hair again for 72 hours. This will help the product to catch onto your hair, allowing for longer-lasting hair colour and radiant shine.

2. Sulphate-Free:

Find yourself a reliable sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to use on your hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner that’s sulphate-free will ensure that your hair’s natural oils and moisture aren’t being stripped. Another great option is to just co-wash your hair with only a sulphate-free conditioner, and it can have a longer-lasting hair effect on your SuperBlack colour.

3. Water Temperature:

It’s important that you wash your hair with warm water. Washing with warm water will help seal in moisture and it will also prevent your hair colour from washing out faster during shampooing and conditioning.

4. One-Week Rule:

The main reason why hair colour doesn’t last as long as you expected is that you may be washing your hair too often. We recommend sticking to the one-week rule, where you only wash your hair once a week. This method will help lock down your hair colour and prevent it from fading away too fast. Remember to also use a non-sulphate shampoo for extra colour controlling benefits.

5. Treatment, Treatment & Treatment

After washing your hair, be sure to use leave-in hair treatments to give your hair the nourishment it needs for the colour to last longer. Luckily for you, Inecto’s SuperBlack hair colour includes an after-colour conditioner that’s enriched with healing aloe and protein properties. It’ll help keep your hair feeling softer and looking healthier.


We’ve given you the hair inspiration. We’ve given you the hair product. We’ve given you a guide to maintain your SuperBlack hair colour – the next step is all on you.

Show off your rocking confidence like Zozibini Tunzi and become renowned this decade. Join the natural hair movement and tell us how your natural black hair empowers you.

Also, don’t forget to show off your natural black hair by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see your black, bold and beautiful looks.


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