Are you dying to switch up your natural hair with colour?

Are you dying to switch up your natural hair with colour?

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes” – Unknown

Ke-dezemba boss! It’s almost upon us and we’re starting the countdown. It’s time to get fresh with your natural hair and add a  glossy colour change.

After rocking protective styles throughout winter, it’s time to give your natural hair the spotlight it deserves. Inecto lets you change your hair colour with four shades from the Ultra Gloss Permanent Crème range. Each colour has honey extracts, coconut and baobab oils to put nature back into your roots. Choose Ultra Gloss, to give you head-turning colour that takes your natural hair to glossy heights.

Here are four gorgeous hair colours that will have you doing ivosho into ifestive.

Inecto's ultra gloss range gives your hair a vibrancy and help fight frizz.

Keep your makeup minimal and let your glossy hair do the talking. Image Source:

1. Natural and unsweetened

Inecto’s decadent Dark Chocolate is as delicious as it sounds. This shade gives your tresses a rich, dark and smooth colour. It’s the perfect choice for the natural hair queens who prefer their TWA to speak for itself. This deep brown hair colour is the perfect complement for ladies with warmer skin tones.


Hair glossary:

The added honey in Inecto’s Ultra Gloss range helps to smoothen your hair, giving your colour an added glossy sheen and vibrancy. It also helps to fight that dreaded frizz.



2. Make a splash with Cafe’ Mocha

This Cafe’ Mocha faux hawk is stylish and steaming hot.

This glossy faux hawk is steaming hot. Image Source:


All you need are a few bobby pins and some edge control to create this Cafe’ Mocha faux hawk. Create the perfect ringlets for your look by putting your hair in Bantu Knots overnight and unravelling them in the morning.


Hair glossary:

Added coconut oil in the Inecto Ultra Gloss formula helps repair and prevent hair breakage and split ends. It also helps to maintain your colour and prevents it from fading too quickly. Win!


2. The darker the berry the sweeter the look

Inecto's succulent black berries is a perfect hair colour for natural kinks and coils.

Let’s hear it one time for the fro. Image Source:


This is the perfect hair colour for a natural for that embraces its kinks and coils. Unicorn colours aren’t for everyone. So if you’re not looking to commit to a daring colour but are into a rich natural gloss, this is the shade for you.

Inecto Succulent BlackBerries looks especially good with an added red lip and brows that are on fleek. If you want your natural hair to reach new heights, try stretching it out from the roots with your blow dryer.

Although heat may not always be ideal, Inecto’s added natural oils will put the sheen and moisture back into your tresses.

You ‘fro, girl.


4. Have your cake and eat it too

Inecto Red Velvet is bright and flattering on warm skin tones.

So. Much. Edge. Image Source:

If you’re ahead of the curve and willing to step into the colour zone, then Inecto Red Velvet is for you. It’s punchy, bright and so delicious. It’s also exceptionally flattering on warm skin tones. The frosting on this hair colour will have everyone wanting a piece.

Hair glossary:

Baobab oil is highly hydrating. This makes it perfect for soothing and conditioning the scalp, and giving your colour that extra spice.

The Inecto Ultra Gloss range offers you that subtle edge to switch up your natural hair colour, allowing your tresses to shine from within.  Even the most subtle change has the ability to boost your confidence.

We would love to see you spicing up your hair colour game. Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.

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