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The Top Winter Hair Colour Trends for Men in 2022

The Top Winter Hair Colour Trends for Men in 2022

Are you thinking of switching up your style this season? We’ve got the plug on the best hair dyes for men, plus the latest trends to pair them with. So, get ready to upgrade your look!

Stylish black man with coloured hair

“Hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a man really knows himself.” – Givenchy.

You know your personal style through and through, but you just need a little help with the ins and outs of DIY hair colour. As experts in hair colour for many decades, we’ve got you covered with the latest hair colour for men and easy-to-use formulas. And let’s face it – most of us have braved some sort of at-home styling before, thanks to a lengthy quarantine.

The first place to start when it comes to dying your hair? Selecting the perfect shade. Inecto’s new Natural’s range for men comes in five bold shades . This hair colour range for men all is ammonia-free and infused with Argan oil for extra shine. Argan oil helps keep your scalp moisturised and prevents damage and breakage.

You can expect a long-lasting rich colour that don’t come at the expense of your hair’s health. Plus, the kit also comes with an After Colour conditioner enriched with aloe and milk protein.

Check out our five shades:

  • Ruby Red: A deep, rich red that offers a hint of spice to your look. Great for the guy looking to amp up his look without being too extra.

Black man with ruby hair colour and the perfect hair cut


  • Caramel Blonde: A warm-toned blonde that suits most skin tones. Loved by trendsetters around SA who take their grooming seriously!

Black man with caramel blonde coloured natural hair


  • Super Black: A deep black classic that never goes out of style. Best suited for the classic man.

Man with bandana and long super black afro hair


  • Rich Copper: Looking for something more on the natural side? This shade offers a deep brown that turns heads.

Young black man with rich copper hair colour


  • Passion Plum: Introduce a hint of purple to your locks without going extreme. Passion plum takes your look to the next level.

Black man with neatly trimmed natural hair, with purple hair colour


How to get the best hair dye for men: Top tips for first time DIY dyers from our Inecto pros.

Inecto hair colouring tools

If you can’t get your mom, your friend or your partner to help out – that’s cool. It’s still totally possible to upgrade your look at home alone.

  1. Make the process mess-free by prepping your colouring space. Ensure you have everything you need ready and waiting before you get stuck in.
  2. Don’t ruin your favourite tee. Wear an old shirt you wouldn’t mind staining. Bonus points if you can get your hands on some old towels to help prevent any mess in the bathroom area.
  3. Don’t rush. Set aside enough time for the process. While Inecto’s all-in-one kits make the process super easy, it’s still better to take things slow to avoid mess and mayhem.
  4. Start with clean but not too clean hair. To get the best, long-lasting results, you’ll want to work on hair that is at least one day post-wash. Also, make sure not to have any styling products in so that the dye can bond with your hair follicles. On the flip side, don’t dye on hair that’s too dirty. While having some of your natural oils can help protect the hair in the process, too much dirt and oil can stop the dye from penetrating that hair shaft.
  5. Apply a stain barrier. Swipe some petroleum jelly along your edges to avoid the dye staining your skin.
  6. Follow the instructions strictly. Every box of Inecto Naturals For Men comes with everything you need, including a sachet of colour, a sachet of developer, Aloe & Protein conditioner and gloves. So all you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step instructions. If applied correctly, you’ll get a long-lasting colour. After all, who has the time to keep re-dying their hair?

To get the best wear from your new colour, experts recommend:

  • Refraining from washing or wetting your hair too often
  • Cutting back on the heat styling
  • Using a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner.

You can also switch up the look by dying just the tips of your hair or going for full root-to-end colour. Need more inspo or info on hair dye for men? Head to our YouTube channel for step-by-step tutorials or find us on Instagram.

Are you ready to #GetColourful with Inecto?


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