Top 10 Foods for Longer, Healthier, Natural Hair

Top 10 Foods for Longer, Healthier, Natural Hair
The huge trend right now is natural hair. Here is our list of foods to eat for longer, healthier, natural hair. New hair, new you!

Water keeps you hydrated and also prevents your scalp from drying.

Water is essential to keep you hydrated but it also prevents your scalp from drying. Make sure to get at least 8 glasses a day but if you want more, exercise a bit more to sweat the excess water out of your body.

These are known to be notorious in calories but those are good calories and also rich in potassium which promotes shiny hair. Bananas can also make good hair pastes.

You probably won’t be excited about eating more garlic because no one wants to be conscious of the breath all the time. But garlic is rich in copper which is great for hair growth, thickens hair, and improves natural hair colour.

For those that are not lactose intolerant, get your daily dose of milk. Calcium promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Omega 3 in fish will give your hair that silky look.

Red wine
Red wine is all about antioxidants and antioxidants are all about making sure your hair doesn’t get brittle and break.
Go ahead, have a glass or 2. You’ll thank us later.

Omega 3 in fish will give your hair that silky look.

Ever wondered why easy African women have such great hair? Beans are a great source of minerals such as zinc and magnesium which promotes shiny moisturized hair.

Red meat
Low iron levels are a major cause of hair loss. Iron is essential for food hair follicle growth.
If you are a vegetarian, iron supplements will do.

Eggs are rich in omega 3 and biotin, however, you should not have too much eggs whites as this can block the absorption of biotin. What you need to indulge in, is the yolk.

Rich in fatty acids which you need for proper bodily function, the fatty acids in avocados promote hair growth.

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