Trendy Ways To Colour Your Hair

Trendy Ways To Colour Your Hair

Spice it up and add a touch of colour to your hair!

“My real hair colour is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair” – Julia Roberts

While colouring one’s hair used to be associated with rebellion, it is now a beautiful concept, embraced by everyone and suitable for all types of hair, including ethnic hair.

Here are trendy ways to colour your hair:

Inecto Hair HighlightsHighlights

Adding in pops of pink in place of highlights can be fun and eye-catching. Try INECTO’s Ruby Red or Super Auburn. This is a bold way to wear pops of colour, allowing your colour to be seen no matter what style or cut you choose. Whether chunky or thin, bright highlights look great whether hair is straight, curly or anything in between.


Inecto Ends Hairstyles

This is for people who don’t want to take the full plunge or want something with minimum up-keep. Dying just the ends is a great way to go. It also gives you the space to change your mind if you absolutely hate it. You’ll find that ends are easy to re-colour or just chop off.

Inecto Blonde Bangs HairstyleJust The Bangs

Colouring just your bangs can look amazing. Bright, bold bangs can create a huge hair statement, while keeping the rest of your look natural. Take the plunge and dye your bangs a neon colour, stripe them for a subtler look or go completely bold by mixing colours in stripes or sections.

Inecto Top Half Hair ColourTop Half

A twist and flashback to the blonde/black look popular in ‘the new millennium’. Adding a bright colour to just the top half of your hair is the updated way to rock dual colour. Achieve this look with the INECTO Plus range. This combination is great if you’re constantly rocking a bun or ponytail. A layered haircut looks amazing with this style.

Inecto Strips Underneath Hair ColourStrips Underneath

This style is a teaser, with small sections of colour peeking out as your hair moves. Dying sections of the underneath is perfect for those who love to curl or braid their hair. Best for those who have fine or thin hair, this is the less extreme way to add colour to your look.

Colouring one’s hair can be a romantic way of surprising your significant other with a refreshing change. It could also be a bold declaration of your singlehood and it could even just be a fulfilled dare amongst friends. Whichever it is, have fun experimenting with colour. Live a colourful life.


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