Turn Up Your Hair Game With Inecto’s Golden Caramel Blonde Hair

Turn Up Your Hair Game With Inecto’s Golden Caramel Blonde Hair

When it comes to the rules of hair, you define your own. With Inecto colours all-in-one hair care solution, defining your unique style is met with endless opportunities to effortlessly SLAY any look. We know that transitioning from last season’s brown and red hues to a bright blonde may feel like a HUGE step. Remember, bold looks don’t come without bold moves. Let your personality and creativity shine through with Inecto Caramel Blonde Hair colour.

We’ve put together four stand-out looks you can try that are sure to AMPLIFY your caramel blonde hair and give you an instant glow-up.

Take notes. Thank us later…

A classic caramel treat

A fresh, new colour embraces you. It wakes you up and leaves you ready to tackle all that life has to throw at you. That’s exactly what we’re getting from this Caramel-inspired creation. The mohawk is a hairstyle that easily sets you apart from the crowd. Besides the fact that this on-trend hairdo will leave you being the sweetest in the room, it’s also a time-saving hairstyle for those queens who are always on the go.

Embrace yourself with a fresh new caramel blonde look.

Giving us all the right timeless and chic feels. Image Source: short-haircut.com


Shaved hair, don’t care.

A fearless mantra to live by. For anyone who has embraced the big chop, you know the feeling of freedom that comes with this daring hair move. As your strands are snipped away, it opens up a fresh canvas for bold creativity. There are so many ways you can add flavour to your buzz cut. With our caramel blonde hair colour, your big chop will be serving fierce looks. Paired with neutral make-up, elegant earrings, and you will be giving them flames ALL day long. If you’re unsure on which blondes will make your #melaninpop, you can check out the most flattering blondes for all skin tones.


Shaved hair, don’t care is a fearless mantra to live by.

You’ll do anything BUT blend in with this hairstyle. Image Source: shorthairmodels.com

It’s cutting edge

The side cuts on this unique hairstyle are literally giving us just that – a cutting edge style that lets you channel the inner trendsetter you knew was always there. The slay is so real with this shaved Mohawk. We love how the tips of this hairstyle have been dipped in caramel goodness. With Inecto’s added Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner, your style will be left with unstoppable shine. Remember that having a darker root colour can make your face appear longer as well as give you a natural highlight and definition to your face. I mean, who doesn’t love a natural glow and fierce cheekbones?


A cutting edge hairstyle that will give your face a natural highlight and definition.

Serving caramel toppings and a side of natural hue.
Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

The perfect sweet treat for your craving

The sleek shine on this relaxed lob hairstyle is the kinda glossy you need to be this autumn. Smooth, fresh and full of vibrance. A sleek, relaxed lob is easy to manage and allows you to experiment with different looks and styles. You don’t have to go all-in with the Caramel Blonde hair colour. Just adding drizzles of this glazed hue is enough to give you a swirl of next-level flavour.

Style tip: To make your caramel lob look effortless with subtle waves, leave it in a loose braid for an hour. When you take it out, run your fingers through your hair and voila. You’re ready to stunt on them.


This Caramel Blonde Hair looks smooth, fresh and vibrant.

A delicious multi-layered side-swept lob.
Images Source: therighthairstyles.com


Give yourself a warm, natural glow this autumn with Inecto Caramel Blonde hair. Are you ready to take on your blonde journey? Share your process with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We cannot wait to see your new look.

Remember, you don’t have to get too comfortable with one hairstyle forever. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So colour up, queens!


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