Your Guide To Natural African Hairstyles

Your Guide To Natural African Hairstyles

Women everywhere are throwing aside the weaves and opting to show the world their natural African hairstyles instead. From bold and vibrant curls to the shorter, tapered styles, hair is becoming a way to express who you are, naturally.

Are you having trouble deciding which style to go for? Here are some of the trendiest natural African hairstyles of 2015.

The Afro

Natural African Hairstyles: Afro

The afro is a go-to natural African hairstyle and for good reason. It is perfect for those of you who have a naturally kinky texture, and want to make a statement. To achieve a flawless afro, do not attempt to straighten or relax your hair.

“Natural hair is making a come-back in a big way.”

Let it dry naturally instead and use a hair pick to ensure as much volume as possible. Backcombing the roots will help make your afro even bigger – and, as far as we’re concerned the bigger, the better! Just be sure to keep your scalp moisturised to avoid brittle, damaged hair.

The Two-Strand Twist

The two-strand twist is another of the popular natural African hairstyles. They’re a great option for any length of hair and are so versatile. Curly natural hair is ideal for creating the perfect two-strand twist.

They can be any thickness you desire and can be styled further into a variety of updos or just left loose. To start, create a small vertical and horizontal parting – separating the hair that you want to be twisted. Pull the strand horizontally, left over right until the twist is formed. Be sure to mist it with water to keep the hair moisturised, and looking fabulous.

Natural African Hairstyles

You could also opt for the shorter cropped styles. This is a popular style as it requires less upkeep than other hairstyles. Because natural African hair is already kinky, there is naturally added volume. This means that cropped hair won’t look as severe against the shape of your face. It’s a great way to combat some of the obstacles that natural hair often presents and causes us to turn to harsh chemical treatments.

So why not wear your hair, your way? If you have any other questions, we’d love to help you answer them. Contact us via our Facebook page with any questions you might have.


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