Natural Hair Blowout – How to Prevent Hair Damage

Natural Hair Blowout – How to Prevent Hair Damage

Contrary to popular belief, heat on African hair or any type of hair for that matter, does not have to mean damaged hair. Although it is true that when your hair is damaged by heat, it can only be treated and not repaired. There are ways to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Easy everyday hairstyles inspired by local celebrities

Easy everyday hairstyles inspired by local celebrities

Have you ever looked at some of our local celebrities and thought that you would love to have their hairstyle or try some of their hair colour ideas? Maybe the style seemed too complicated, or you assumed it took a whole team of professionals to make them look that...

Step into a world of colour

Live a colourful life

How To Go “Glam” Like Bonang

How To Go “Glam” Like Bonang

Where do we even begin? The face, the style, the fame and the hair colour… Bonang Matheba is SA’s superstar and with her flair for fashion, there’s just no stopping this glamour guru. But how does she do it? INECTO breaks it down for our readers…


How Inecto Helped With Winter Hair Care

This is what a blogger and proud INECTO user had to say about hair care. We’d like to say thank you for sharing this with us and we would encourage our consumers to share their hair care and experiences with us.


How To Grow Afro Textured Hair Long and Strong

Did you know that kinky, coily and highly curly hair grows an average of 1.27cm per month? That’s an average of 15 cm a year of growth! So how do you grow kinky, coiled and curly hair long and strong?


Moisturizing Natural Hair

Moisturizing is an absolutely no-miss part of maintaining healthy afro textured hair. The main reason for this is the structure of the hair shaft. Unlike Caucasian hair (see chart below) which is generally straighter, sebum isn’t able to travel from our scalp (where it’s produced) down the individual shaft as easily on its own.


Split Ends

I complained about split ends in my last post so I decided to do a bit of research about what causes them and how I could minimise or possibly eliminate them.


Tips For Healthy Hair

Our hair is a huge part of who we are. We make a statement through how we wear it even if this might not be the intention. Whether we have a standing theme going on or whether we change it with season, there is always more to it than just its length, shape, texture and colour.


Winter Hairstyles

As the bitter cold and dry winter sweeps this part of the world, it’s all about protecting your strands against excessive dryness. Protecting the ends and ensuring your hair stays hydrated, retaining as much moisture as possible, when you choose a hairstyle.

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